Wednesday, July 18, 2012

that Folgers commercial


I am blessed with two beautiful children. My daughter is four years old, and she is my princess. She is truly my mini-me, looking and acting just like I did at her age. We have a wonderful relationship, and I am so privileged to be her mother!

Mr. Handsome here just turned one in May. The day we found out Little Mister was indeed a mister will forever be burned in my brain. I was convinced I was having another little girl. Sweet little sisters. Nope, clearly our home would be doused in a baby blue bath of boyness. I was nervous immediately. My husband and I are not sports fans. He doesn't play golf or hunt critters of any sort. Would we be boy-friendly enough to ensure he was well rounded in all of the activities he would enjoy in life? Could we foster his interest in things that in no way interested us? Yes, all these thoughts before the first blue onesie was purchased, but still, it worried me.

Then he was born and everything changed.

I have learned first hand the magnetic bond between a mother and her son. Oh, true enough on some days, he is a daddy's boy, and YES, he's only fourteen months old, but... he's my little man, and I can't imagine our family without him.

You know that Folgers commercial when the son sneaks home for Christmas very early in the morning when just his sister is up to welcome him. He makes the coffee and mom and dad come down the stairs. When the mom has her eyes on him for the first time, she stops, she pauses for just a second and closes her eyes. She is saying in her heart, my son is home. She then grabs him and hugs him tight.

He does that to me every day!

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