Monday, July 16, 2012

Show Me

While I'm not one for pity parties, I know the importance of a good cry when it is needed. I've been through a lot in my life, more than some, but oh so much less than others. I've learned that drowning in your sorrows is a waste of time, but I appreciate the importance of taking a swim in them from time to time. Life certainly doesn't go the way we want it to always, but through the hardest times we learn to appreciate the joyful times that much more. The fall-apart cry is needed when your heart is broken or you are scared. I believe God knows how we need to fall apart and He is always there to put us back together again.

The song Show Me by Audrey Assad is written from the perspective of taking a swim in the sorrows. She knows God has put her into this pool of sadness for a reason, and she wants to appreciate that reason and soak up all the heartache of the moment. By tasting the bitterness of the sorrow, she is seasoning her palate for the sweet joy of the morning.

God is blessing me in the sweet and the bitter. I pray I always appreciate both.

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