Thursday, August 2, 2012

Cherishing the little moments

Ethan and I are the early risers in our house. I have certainly been blessed with two babies who seem to love their crib/bed. Just as Emily did when she slept in the crib, Ethan will wake each morning and spend at least 20 minutes just talking and singing to himself. There are times when I will just watch him on the monitor as he has his own special way of greeting the day.

I always go in and check on them both as I get up to start the day. One morning this week, as I made my 4:30 a.m. check-up on them before heading to the shower, I walked in his room and he quickly sat up in his bed and started laughing. My arms reached down and picked up his warm little, pudgy body and pulled it to my chest. His curls tickled under my chin as he laid his head down, and I grabbed the fleece blanket and returned it to the cocoon-like wrap around his body. The house was still dark, and I eased into the living room to sit in the rocker that has rocked both my babies from infancy.

He did not raise his head again, but nestled more closely into my arms and body in that spot that is made just for a baby to rest. We rocked. The clock continued to tick, and the minutes were passing me by, but we rocked. He loves to hum a little in the early morning. Don't really talk to him at that time, but he will hum a conversation with you. He would make his little humming noises, and I would return with the same. We continued our unspoken rhyme with the gentle sway of the chair for several minutes until I felt that moment when a little body goes from awake to asleep. It was precious and perfect. I eased him back into his crib and started the routine of my day... all the while thanking God for a spectacular interruption and a very precious memory.